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"Elim Pentecostal Church Holme Valley is a lively, community centred church in Honley, full of ordinary men and women who know the joy of a personal relationship with a living, powerful God."

Weekly Meetings

LIVE MEETING This Sunday June 20th 2021


Pastor Ian Sharp
Pastor Ian Sharp


Meeting at the premises of Trinity Church, Moorbottom Honley each Sunday at 6pm

Think Right

There’s a Japanese woman by the name of Marie Kondo. She’s written books about decluttering your home and keeping your house tidy. She has become a sensation around the world. In helping people to get rid of unneeded things in their homes she says: “Hold up each item and ask yourself the question: ‘Does it spark Joy?’ If the answer is ‘yes’, keep it, if it is ‘no’ then get rid of it!” The Apostle Paul also knew that clutter destroys our joy. In the Bible passage we are looking at this week Paul encourages the church to focus their thoughts upon that which sparks joy; that which is true, noble, pure, lovely, excellent and praiseworthy. Filling our thoughts with rubbish will lead to a rubbish life. Filling our minds with God’s goodness will lead to joy and peace. If your life is not full of joy and peace it’s time to declutter your thoughts and realign your focus.  “Think Right” is the title of this week’s message, Gail and I are praying that whether you join us live, or online, you will be blessed and encouraged.  

Trinity church has level access and a large hall for us to be able to maintain a 2 metre space between seating. No reservations are required. Please use the side entrance, up the path to the left of bus stop shelter. 

For those unable to attend a recording of the meeting will be available on YouTube the following Monday.  

Midweek Meetings

Home Groups

The next Thursday homegroup to meet at Burhouse Court will be on the 26th February @ 7.30pm

The next Thursday homegroup to meet at the home of Ian & Gail, 45 Meltham Road, will be on 20th February @ 7.30pm

Communion and Prayer:

We meet every 4th Thursday at 8.00pm at the home of Ian & Gail, 45 Meltham Road. The next meeting will be on Thursday 28th February 8.00 pm.

Ladies Afternoon Meeting

The next meeting will be on Friday 7th February at the home of Ian and Gail Sharp, 45 Meltham Road, Honley, starting 1.30pm

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