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"Elim Pentecostal Church Holme Valley is a lively, community centred church in Honley, full of ordinary men and women who know the joy of a personal relationship with a living, powerful God."

Weekly Meetings

LIVE MEETING - Sunday June 16th  6pm  meeting at Trinity Church Building Moor Bottom. 

Pastor Ian Sharp
Pastor Ian Sharp

A Portrait of the Cross - Mark 15: 33-37

Last week I threw at you the wild card of an idea that Golgotha, the place where Jesus was crucified may not have been on a hill. The historians and archaeologists lean towards Golgotha being at a place north of the Damascus gate in a pit area. During the week I have been looking at how Jesus’death has been portrayed in paintings. I have seen a  lone cross on a hillside surrounded by a few people.  I’ve seen three empty crosses surrounded by no one. I’ve seen three crosses with Jesus in the middle surrounded by crowds including some on horseback. I’ve even seen Jesus on the cross surrounded by people with halos around their heads holding church buildings.  Whilst all have some elements that are biblical none have satisfied my pursuit of a painting that is 100% biblically accurate. “It’s only art” you may say, and your point is taken, but our view of the cross needs to be influenced by scripture and not just something that is pleasing to the eye. So in my message this week I will attempt to portray an accurate picture of the death of Jesus that will help us all understand His love for us.
There's a few surprises along the way, but I know that you are going to be blessed and encouraged as we study the Word of God together. 

Trinity church building has level access. Please use the side entrance, up the path to the left of bus stop shelter. 
For those unable to attend a recording of the meeting will be available on YouTube the following Monday.   

Next Cafe groups are Tuesday 18th and Thursday 20th  June 2024 , Everyone welcome. 

Midweek Meetings

Cafe Homegroups

We have two Cafe groups and meet fortnightly on Tuesdays and Thursday evenings 7pm in Cafe Plus, Honley.

A chance to meet, pray and discuss God's word.

No Cafe Homegroups this week, but will resume: Tuesday 4th & Thursday 6th October 7pm

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