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"Elim Pentecostal Church Holme Valley is a lively, community centred church in Honley, full of ordinary men and women who know the joy of a personal relationship with a living, powerful God."

Weekly Meetings

Worship Services - Sunday 24th March at Honley Village Hall HD9 6DE


Pastor Ian Sharp
Pastor Ian Sharp


Miracles Involving Elisha
The Cleansing of the Waters of Jericho 2 Kings 2: 19-22 

The people of Jericho come to Elisha and tell him that their city is good and pleasant, but has one problem – its water. The land is unproductive and unfruitful. Elisha asks them to bring them a new bowl, he puts some salt in it, and then throws it into the spring and the water is made pure.An interesting miracle that is in Scripture by mistake, and this Sunday morning we will look at how it is relevant for us. 

 Encouraging text:   This is the Lord’s message: “This water is now entirely pure. It will no longer bring death or cause the earth to be barren.” 2 Kings 2:21 


6.00pm Evening Celebration


This Sunday evening I want to start talking about strongholds. What they are positively and what they can be negatively. The way we deal with strongholds can impact our lives, so this teaching is very practical and important as we seek to grow in Him. 

Encouraging text:   The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds.2 Cor 10:4 

Midweek Meetings

Home Groups

The next Tuesday homegroup will meet at the home of Chris and Chris Rose, 31 Oldfield Road, on 26th February @ 7.30pm

The next Thursday homegroup will meet at the home of Ian & Gail, 45 Meltham Road. Thursday 21st February @ 7.30pm

Communion and Prayer:

We meet every 4th Thursday at 8.00pm at the home of Ian & Gail, 45 Meltham Road. The next meeting will be on Thursday 28th February 8.00 pm.

Ladies Afternoon Meeting

The next meeting will be on Friday 22nd February at the home of Ian and Gail Sharp, 45 Meltham Road, Honley, starting 1.30pm

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